Investor VisaInvestor Visa

The United States has welcomed foreign investors throughout its history. In fact, the US investment treaty with the United Kingdom dates to 1815. The US now was investment treaties with more than 75 countries, allowing for special visas, tax treatment, repatriation of profits and freedom to invest virtually anywhere in the US and in nearly any industry.

The US remains one of the most attractive destinations for investment. Called the last bastion of free enterprise, the US has no history of expropriation of foreign investments. Every person in the US is protected by the US Constitution and has equal access to the US justice system, regardless of immigration status. Restrictions on foreign ownership of land, companies, and natural resources are prohibited, except in cases involving national security. While Americans may complain about too much government regulation, foreign investors are often surprised by how easily business can be run in the US compared with other countries.

Many foreign investors are attracted to the following sectors:

  • Consumer products and services. With a population of nearly 300 million high income consumers, the US is the largest single unified consumer market in the world. Every day new consumer products and services are tested, introduced and sold on a mass scale
  • Advanced Technology. America’s technology infrastructure weaves together a world class education system, sophisticated and deep financial markets, and the synergy created over 50 years of technical innovation. The US continues to draw the best and the brightest seeking to develop the ‘next best thing.’
  • Real Estate. While every market has its ups and downs, American real estate has outperformed real estate in other world markets in the past 50 years, without any significant bubble. Perhaps due to the depth and breadth of its economy, real estate has provided strong long term investment returns throughout the economic cycle, especially in the coastal states.