Second Passport

A second U.S. passport can be very helpful for international travelers. While the common rule is that “no person shall bear or be in possession of more than one valid or potentially valid passport of the same type,” there are exceptions to that rule.  Any application needs to be filed and authorized by the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs.

When can I apply for a second passport?

Typically, a second passport is only issued if you are unable to complete your travel through a change of itinerary or you cannot cancel your current passport in order to obtain a new one.  Another reason is that a passport needed for immediate travel is unavailable, e.g. due to ongoing delays in processing a foreign visa application. It is also possible that the original passport was required for another foreign governmental process.

What are the limitations for a second passport?

With a second passport, you will be able to keep one passport with you as you travel, while keeping the other at your home or office. A second passport is limited in time, it is valid for a period of four years. After that, a new second valid passport must be applied for. Second valid passports are no longer extendable.

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