International Assignments

The attorneys at Visawolf provide point-to-point immigration services to enable
multinational corporations to transfer employees from almost anywhere in the world, to almost anywhere in the world. Our services include:

  • Inbound immigration (employment visa for the United States)
  • Outbound immigration (immigration from the United States to another country)
  • Country-to-country immigration (immigration from one non-US country to another non-US country)

Employee Transfer for Multinational Employers

The majority of our international clients are multinational employers who transfer employees to India, the Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Through our global network of immigration partners, Visawolf, PC provides immigration services and employment visa for virtually any destination.

Our highly efficient and accurate processing systems and experienced immigration lawyers have helped thousands of employees obtain short- and long-term assignment work permits, employment visas, family immigration, entry visas, residence permits, alien registration cards, and re-entry permits.

Because we have a global network of partners, Visawolf is able to offer extremely competitive and highly skilled immigration services into most countries of the world.
Timing is critical and we pride ourselves on being responsive.

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