Expedited Passports

Expedited Passports

Expedited PassportsWhile the typical passport processing times range from six to eight weeks, Visawolf can expedite your passport application to be approved within a few days.  In some cases, we can get your passport approved the same day.

If you are traveling within 2 weeks or need a foreign visa within 4 weeks, you should contact us for an appointment as soon as possible.

Requirements for Expedited Passports

To apply for an expedited passport you must:

  • Show that you are scheduled to be traveling internationally in less than 2 weeks or need to get a foreign visa within 4 weeks
  • You must be able to show printed proof of international travel (e.g. flight itinerary, cruise tickets, hotel reservation, or international car insurance)
  • Pay an expedition fee in addition to the regular application fees
  • Make an appointment

You may also come in if we need to correct a printing error in your recently-issued passport.

For life-or-death emergencies, passports can also be processed within 72 hours under certain conditions.

Visawolf is a law firm with certified specialists in passport and nationality issues. Our professionalism and responsiveness is unmatched. We are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your most sensitive documents secure.